Spiritual Space

The Ramadan Market has a spiritual space that is not only for prayer, but also for a moment of reflection and silence. Last year, our spiritual room provided a serene environment for our vendors and attendees. There was zam zam water for a refresher, prayer beads for gratitude, dua books, hijabs, prayer mats, and more. Stay tuned for details on how we will make the spiritual space extra special for everyone this year. If you are interested in sponsoring the spiritual room, email info@ramadanmarket.ca.

This year’s spiritual room is located at the very back of the market, behind the child minding & crafts and workshops area. You can access the spiritual room directly from the market space or through the change room aisle. If you need help locating the spiritual room, ask a staff, volunteer, or vendor!

Thank you The Muslim Moon for providing us with prayer mats for our spiritual space.