Baby Change Room

Since our tickets are single-entry, we wouldn’t want you to have to cut your Ramadan Market experience short because of a dirty diaper! We have created a small baby change room in case of any “woops” moments. The room includes a small change table, extra diapers and wipes, a diaper genie, and a calming atmosphere. The baby change room can be accessed by both men and women. Please practice cleanliness when using this space and remember to clean up after yourselves.

Nursing Rooms

We have also created 2 small nursing rooms for mother’s who need it. Again, because our tickets are single-entry, we wouldn’t want you to have to cut your experience short because of a hungry baby. Please make use of our private nursing rooms, complete with aromatherapy and a comfortable vibe. You deserve it. Please note, the nursing rooms are for women only.

It is important to note that Square One has excellent nursing facilities and family washrooms available. All of these washrooms are wheelchair accessible:

  • Level 2, across from H&M (this is the closest to Ramadan Market)

  • Level 2, behind Bonlook

  • Level 1, within Food Central

  • Level 1, by Richtree

Quiet Room

We understand that events of this nature can cause sensory overload to some individuals. To accommodate this, we will be providing 1 quiet room at Ramadan Market this year. It will be located in our change room area and can be accessed by anyone who needs it. Due to the space we are using, the quiet room may not be completely quiet at all times. Please ask a staff or volunteer if you need help finding it.

Crafts & Child Minding

If your kids would like to participate in crafts or play in our play room while you shop at the market, drop them off in our crafts & child minding area. This service is available for kids ages 5 and up for $5 for every half hour. Parents must remain in the market while their child is being supervised by our staff. Each child will get to take home the crafts they make, as well as any crafts they didn’t have a chance to finish.

Space is limited.

Sign up your child when you enter the market by heading to the far back right. You’ll see the playroom from afar, and you’ll also be able to see your child while you’re in the market.

Thank you to Munchkin Canada for sponsoring our play room toys and to Handmade Beginnings for sponsoring our play room crafts.