Sudduf Wyne

Founder of Muslim Market Co

It all began with Salam Shop a few years ago. Sudduf took the plunge and opened the first Muslim lifestyle shop of its kind in Mississauga. After a few year’s of a successful shop, Sudduf learnt she was expecting triplets and is now a mom to 3 energetic toddlers. Sudduf has continued to serve her community by founding groups like the Muslim Mom Tribe, Muslim Entrepreneurship Association and works with major retailers to create exceptional events like Ramadan Market for the Muslim community.


Julia Pullin

Team Lead at Muslim Market Co

Meet Sudduf’s right hand gal: the multi-talented and multi-tasking Julia. Julia is a graduate of Adult Studies at the University of Guelph. She balances a variety of roles including Community Manager for the Muslim Entrepreneur Association and her role with Muslim Market Co. Julia has been part of Ramadan Market since its inception and continues to dedicate herself to growing Muslim Market Co this year.