Our Vision

Ramadan Market is a labor of love.⁣

In Sudduf’s years of entrepreneurship she’s experienced both being a vendor and being an event organizer (and a shop owner...and customer). She understand what it's like to be on all ends of the retail experience and that's why the Ramadan Market is like no other.⁣

Our vendors are hand picked not just for having the best products in the biz, but for the way they conduct their business and for their vision. They're also very inspiring and 90% female. Women empowerment at its best!

Our location is always innovative and something *new & exciting* for our community. We are always pushing the envelope and we will continue to do so!⁣ In 2018 we held our event at a Mississauga Co-Working space that was a hub for entrepreneurship. In 2019 our event was at one of Canada's largest shopping malls. Square One.

Our team spends hours upon hours on every little detail of the market. We think about the mothers with small children who really want to attend the event but need a nursing room and a quiet space in case their baby is having a bad day. We think about our vendors and ensure they are fed and hydrated during their long sales days. We think about the community and what we can do to make this experience special & spiritual.

And our customers - oh, our customers. They come with open hearts and supportive minds and bring cookies and flowers and so many hugs!⁣ It's like one big family. The way it should be. We are so blessed to bring you this event and to have your loyalty + support. 

  • We do this for the smiles on the faces of your children. 

  • We do this to bring joy in the hearts of Canadian Muslims.

  • We do this for the sense of community and brotherhood and sisterhood.

  • We do this to show the world that Islam is beautiful and full of love.

  • We do this for Allah.