Plan Your Visit to the Eid ul Adha Market

We are so excited to see you all at the Eid ul Adha Market in a few days. Here are a few ideas to make the most of your visit:

Visiting with Your Kids

  • I suggest parking at the Food District, P6. Take the escalators up to the 2nd floor and walk towards H&M and The Gap, where you’ll see the Eid ul Adha market in full swing!

  • Before you do anything, take a family pic at the photo booth! Tag #SQ1Eid and :)

  • Grab your child a delicious cookie as a snack from Crispy Cravings. When he or she asks for more snacks (inevitable), you can visit Halal Meals or Secret Lands Farm.

  • If you’re visiting on a weekday, visit the Share the Khair booth so your child can get their Hajj Passport. Complete the passport for a prize!

  • If you’re visiting on the weekend, make sure you visit the Candy Crates cotton candy booth for free cotton candy.

  • Get your henna done. Kids can get their henna done, too!

  • Get a mini manicure for yourself and your kiddos at our sponsors, Tuesday in Love.

  • Teach your child about charity at the Islamic Relief booth and give some sadaqah on behalf of your family.

Spending more time at Square One? Check out the Food District for some kid favorites like Del Moro’s Pasta (my kids love the #4 at Del Moro’s) and Sweet Jesus ice cream.

Visiting with Your Parents

  • Park at the Food District, P6, so you can get your parents chai from the Chai Shop in the Food District. If they’re coffee fans, check out Hale Coffee.

  • Take the escalator up to Level 2 and walk past H&M and The Gap to see the Eid ul Adha Market.

  • Grab a beautiful pic with your parents at the photo booth. Tag #SQ1Eid and

  • Buy your mom some flowers from the Blossom Moments booth.

  • Grab a cookie from Crispy Cravings for that after chai snack.

  • Pick up some Eid money envelopes for your parents to give out eiddy in from Share the Khair or Also Sophia.

  • Get a mini manicure for yourself and your mom at our sponsors, Tuesday in Love.

  • Give some sadaqah on behalf of your parents at the Islamic Relief booth.

Once you’re done at the market, visit Holt Renfrew to try on some Charlotte Tillbury makeup, Jo Malone colognes, and of course, some designer shoes!

Visit Secret Lands Farm and Halal Meals at the market for some yummies to eat on the drive home.

Visiting with your #squad


  • Park in P6 or P7 near the new Indigo. Grab yourself a Starbucks and take the escalator to L2.

  • Walk towards H&M and The Gap and you’ll see Tuesday in Love doing mini makeovers and manicures. Make sure you get glammed up!

  • Visit our charity sponsor Islamic Relief and get your friends to sign up together to sponsor an orphan.

  • Grab some fall clothing from Infinitely Classic and Balbea and shop accessories at Black Orchid and Bauble Shop.

  • Finish up your Eid shopping at all of our amazing vendors.

  • Grab dinner at the Food District and don’t forget to indulge in some dessert, too!

We hope you are as excited as we are about Eid ul Adha being celebrated at Canada’s largest and best mall! Make a day trip out of it and enjoy all that we have to offer!