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The Vendor Experience


"Sudduf has always been a visionary, and will be among the first to take a chance and test out the market for various events! Testing out a market, means taking huge risks, which she is not afraid of! But not at the cost of others... her marketing know-how and extensive business experience gives her the high skill sets needed, to create a buzz and tap into her resources to influence buyers.The first Ramadan Market of its kind, was a testament to that! As a business owner of 8 years, there are very few events I take part in as a vendor. If I see Sudduf’s name behind a project, I see professionalism, creativity and high level marketing. You get far more than what you’ve paid for!" - Aneesa Bozai


"Ramadan Market was one of the best vendor experiences I’ve ever had. The sense of community from the very beginning, weeks before the actual event was like no other. You didn’t feel like other vendors were your competitors but more like your family, like your tribe. The support from Sudduf from the planning and preparation, to the marketing and event day setup had ihsan/excellence in every single aspect. The preorder and pickup option at Ramadan Market really helped boost sales and allow vendors to earn profit before the market even began! Ramadan Market is in a class of its own and is a beautiful experience for both vendors and attendees." - Evangeline Do